I grew up with Samantha- played sports, went to sleep overs, heard the same rumors, went through those awkward middle school years.  I knew her brothers before they had kids and jobs and stuff.  So, I was totally on board when they asked me to do family photos for the whole group.  I know how hard it can be to coordinate a group of four different schedules, so well done everyone.  Well done!  Thanks for hanging with me on a Friday night!


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    Three little girls in pink + a little one on the way.  Spring is the most refreshing season.  I can hardly get enough of watching my flowers sprout teensy tiny green tendrils one at a time.  That old saying “watched pot never boils” most definitely applies to me and my flowers.  If flowers could blush, mine would… from being stared at so much as if they should just hurry it up already.  This family of four has just a month to go before they get to meet their newest member.  Nine months of waiting!  (Thank goodness flowers only take a month or two.)

    Thanks for spending a spring Saturday morning with me and sharing all your smiles.


    Blamer Family-132Blamer Family-130Blamer Family-127Blamer Family-126Blamer Family-118Blamer Family-110Blamer Family-109Blamer Family-104blamer family photos park_0006Blamer Family-87Blamer Family-80Blamer Family-77Blamer Family-74blamer family photos park_0005Blamer Family-65Blamer Family-67blamer family photos park_0004Blamer Family-54family, lifestyle, session, photographer, photography, fremont, michigan, park, summer, springBlamer Family-36blamer family photos park_0002Blamer Family-16Blamer Family-12blamer family photos park_0001

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    Jillian’s home is a renovation dream.  She and her husband spent several years renovating and recently decided they’re ready for the next step.  Jillian set to work staging their already beautiful space.  As the owner of House of You Interior Design, she made a space no buyer could resist.  They received and accepted an offer in record time.  But, before they move, she wanted photos of this place where they grew together, where their son was born, where she put in so much design time and creative energy.  I love seeing people living their dreams and doing what they love.  If I were you, I’d let Jillian just take over my house.  Like, the whole thing.  Oh, and that cute guy at the end… he just turned two.

    Rundell March Session-20rundell_0003Rundell March Session-48rundell_0004rundell_0006Rundell March Session-37Rundell March Session-53rundell_0002rundell_0008Rundell March Session-57rundell_0007rundell_0005rundell_0010rundell_0011rundell_0009

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