Jillian’s home is a renovation dream.  She and her husband spent several years renovating and recently decided they’re ready for the next step.  Jillian set to work staging their already beautiful space.  As the owner of House of You Interior Design, she made a space no buyer could resist.  They received and accepted an offer in record time.  But, before they move, she wanted photos of this place where they grew together, where their son was born, where she put in so much design time and creative energy.  I love seeing people living their dreams and doing what they love.  If I were you, I’d let Jillian just take over my house.  Like, the whole thing.  Oh, and that cute guy at the end… he just turned two.

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    Justin & Meghan had an intimate ceremony on the bright blue shores of Gun Lake at Bay Pointe Inn last spring.  They were laid back, ready to be married, and had a beautiful day to kick off their married life.  And check out the cutie in the pink sunglasses- that’s their adorable daughter.  Thanks for letting me capture your once in a lifetime afternoon.

    “The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.” —William Lyon Phelps

    1 Justin & Meghan | Married-72 dowland wedding_00013 Justin & Meghan | Married-124 Justin & Meghan | Married-135 dowland wedding_00026 Justin & Meghan | Married-327 dowland wedding_00048 Justin & Meghan | Married-199 Justin & Meghan | Married-2010 Justin & Meghan | Married-15011 dowland wedding_000312 Justin & Meghan | Married-4913 dowland wedding_000514 Justin & Meghan | Married-4415 dowland wedding_000616 Justin & Meghan | Married-6117 dowland wedding_000718 dowland wedding_000819 a dowland wedding_000919 Justin & Meghan | Married-7320 dowland wedding_001021 a Justin & Meghan | Married-8321 Justin & Meghan | Married-8422 dowland wedding_001123 Justin & Meghan | Married-9324 dowland wedding_001225 a Justin & Meghan | Married-11525 Justin & Meghan | Married-14726 dowland wedding_001327 Justin & Meghan | Married-13528 dowland wedding_001429 dowland wedding_001530 Justin & Meghan | Married-16732 Justin & Meghan | Married-5033 Justin & Meghan | Married-19234 dowland wedding_001735 Justin & Meghan | Married-17436 dowland wedding_001637 Justin & Meghan | Married-17738 Justin & Meghan | Married-184

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    Erika & Sean’s classy, modern wedding kicked off my 2016 wedding season last spring. *Cue the blushing cheeks since I’m just now getting it blogged!*  Framed between the navy bridesmaid dresses Erika was picture perfect  in her mother’s re-designed wedding dress.  We joined the guys for bridal party photos at Reeds Lake Park, kicked off the celebration with a few drinks at Rosie’s next door, and they officially tied the knot at Studio D2D.  The space reflected Erika & Sean’s clean, crisp style.  Throw in two great speeches, adorable desserts, some serious dancers from their guest list, and they had the most-super-perfect party.  Cheers to *almost* one year of marriage you two!

    1. Erika & Sean | Married-42. Erika & Sean | Married-13. Erika & Sean | Married-283b Erika & Sean | Married-404 donigan wedding_00014 Erika & Sean | Married-384. Erika & Sean | Married-85. Erika & Sean | Married-25Erika & Sean | Married-466 Erika & Sean | Married-567 donigan wedding_00038 Erika & Sean | Married-719 Erika & Sean | Married-7410 donigan wedding_000211 Erika & Sean | Married-6712 Erika & Sean | Married-8013 Erika & Sean | Married-8614 Erika & Sean | Married-8515 Erika & Sean | Married-9016 Erika & Sean | Married-15117 donigan wedding_000818Erika & Sean | Married-14919 Erika & Sean | Married-17120 Erika & Sean | Married-15721 Erika & Sean | Married-17422 Erika & Sean | Married-20723 donigan wedding_002424 Erika & Sean | Married-19825 donigan wedding_000926 Erika & Sean | Married-13327 Erika & Sean | Married-13228 donigan wedding_000429 donigan wedding_000730 donigan wedding_000531 donigan wedding_000632 Erika & Sean | Married-12633 donigan wedding_001034 Erika & Sean | Married-23435 Erika & Sean | Married-24136 Erika & Sean | Married-24337 donigan wedding_001138 Erika & Sean | Married-28539 Erika & Sean | Married-30640 Erika & Sean | Married-31741 donigan wedding_001242 Erika & Sean | Married-36843 donigan wedding_001344 Erika & Sean | Married-35345Erika & Sean | Married-37446 Erika & Sean | Married-38047 Erika & Sean | Married-32947 Erika & Sean | Married-44048 Erika & Sean | Married-44849 Erika & Sean | Married-45150 Erika & Sean | Married-44451 Erika & Sean | Married-47552 donigan wedding_001553 donigan wedding_00165454 donigan wedding_001755 donigan wedding_00185657 donigan wedding_001458 Erika & Sean | Married-65759 donigan wedding_002160 Erika & Sean | Married-65861 donigan wedding_001962 donigan wedding_002063 Erika & Sean | Married-53364 donigan wedding_002265 donigan wedding_0025donigan wedding_0023Erika & Sean | Married-709Erika & Sean | Married-716Erika & Sean | Married-725Erika & Sean | Married-736Erika & Sean | Married-775Erika & Sean | Married-782

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