Milo | 1st Birthday

    Milo’s first birthday was a beautiful spring day- perfect for a Big Top Circus celebration complete with games, goody bags, a big-top, concessions, and a 3-tiered, 3-flavored, fanciful circus cake!  I’m totally a cake girl (make that sweets and pretty things all the way around, girl) and I had my eye on that thing the minute I got there.  The chocolate peanut-butter layer was incredible!   It’s such an honor as a photographer to get to see a child grow up in their first year.  I did Milo’s newborn and 6-month photos and, from then until now, he’s gotten some serious hair and chunk and personality.  For instant cuteness, scroll to the bottom to see bowties and frosting collide. And then come on back to the top to check out all the hand-made details that made this celebration so darn special.

    Milo | 1st B-day-1Milo Birthday_0001Milo | 1st B-day-2Milo Birthday_0009Milo | 1st B-day-9Milo | 1st B-day-10Milo | 1st B-day-11Milo Birthday_0002Milo | 1st B-day-96Milo | 1st B-day-15Milo | 1st B-day-17Milo Birthday_0004Milo Birthday_0011Milo | 1st B-day-49Milo | 1st B-day-26Milo Birthday_0006Milo | 1st B-day-57Milo Birthday_0012Milo | 1st B-day-84Milo | 1st B-day-98Milo | 1st B-day-60Milo Birthday_0003Milo Birthday_0005Milo | 1st B-day-33Milo Birthday_0007Milo Birthday_0010Milo Birthday_0008Milo | 1st B-day-74Milo | 1st B-day-64Milo | 1st B-day-78Milo | 1st B-day-68Milo | 1st B-day-76Milo Birthday_0013Milo | 1st B-day-87Milo Birthday_0014Milo Birthday_0015

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