Smith Family | Grant, MI Photographer

    I grew up with Samantha- played sports, went to sleep overs, heard the same rumors, went through those awkward middle school years.  I knew her brothers before they had kids and jobs and stuff.  So, I was totally on board when they asked me to do family photos for the whole group.  I know how hard it can be to coordinate a group of four different schedules, so well done everyone.  Well done!  Thanks for hanging with me on a Friday night!


    Smith Family 2017-3Smith Family 2017-11blamer family photos park_0007Smith family_0006Smith Family 2017-22Smith family_0007Smith Family 2017-34Smith family_0008Smith Family 2017-53Smith family_0001Smith Family 2017-58Smith family_0002Smith family_0003Smith Family 2017-74Smith Family 2017-78Smith family_0004Smith Family 2017-91Smith Family 2017-94Smith Family 2017-102

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