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    Hi. I’m Laura.

    I wandered into photography in college.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do and four years of photography school sounded pretty great to me.  Since then, it’s been a source of joy, it feeds my need to constantly learn new things, and it allows me to celebrate the great moments in people’s lives.

    If you love holding real photos, laughing at those weird things in the background, and tear up at weddings, we’re already getting along.

    I want your session to be relaxed, natural, and you.  I want it to help you remember and share the joy in this time in your life, whatever it may be.  I also want you to have more than a digital file.  That is why all of my sessions include a tangible piece of art that exists in the real world.

    Other things I love: Jesus, my husband, learning, Steinbeck, wood stoves, anything fluffy, writing, being thrifty, traveling, This American Life, mini dance parties before work in my PJ’s, propagating all sorts of plants, Project Runway, Jillian Michaels workouts, any and all soups.